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PluggedIN has reimagined the way inventive, high-growth companies connect with talent. We offer a scientific approach that connects job seekers to companies through our automated recruitment and matchmaking platform.
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PluggedIN is reimagining the way inventive, high-growth companies connect with enterprising and technical talent.

This podcast will bring you interviews with entrepreneurs and startup founders who have built teams and can share hiring philosophies, insights, tips and best practices. Our goal is to provide you with an operating system for hiring smarter.

Hosted by Colleen Liebig


Sep 28, 2016

Jaye Connolly-LaBelle, CEO & President of RippleNami is our guest on this episode of PluggedIN HQ with host Colleen Liebig.

RippleNami has set out to provide unconnected people with simple mapping technologies to better visualize the resources or situations relevant to them.  Working with NGOs, logistics providers, aid organizations, and governments in several developing countries, the company has already begun to realize its mission and establish a global presence.

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  • a year and a half ago
    Amy Shapiro
    Terrific podcast on an amazing humanitarian-business project! Cheers to RippleNami's ongoing success & outstanding team.
    Thank you for this informative and inspiring interview.
    Amy Shapiro, M. Ed.
  • two and a half years ago
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